Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wild Wednesday!

Along with our Lobby Wednesday participation from Life Care Centers of America and the FHC Activity Coordinators Association, as well as the activities related to Ambassadors for Aging Day, FHCA staff and lobbyists tracked a number of bills. These bills related to reorganizing the Department of Children and Families (SB 1986), finalizing the Silver Alert Grant Program (SB 1330) and Electronic Health Records (SB 162). The last bill is one we are very excited about, as we know many of our members are moving into the electronic age.

Wednesday was also Catholic Days and the traditional Red Mass was held last night. This mass is for legislators to ask for guidance during the legislative session ahead.

Finally, I was excited to see a group from Emerald Shores in special t-shirts and enjoying the singing and dancing taking place in the Capitol Courtyard. This facility is one of our FHCA members and had come to town with residents and staff to enjoy Ambassadors for Aging Day. Thanks to them for making the trip and being part of all the excitement at the Capitol.

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