Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dental Health Access

HB 185, sponsored by Rep. Matt Hudson (R-101) regarding access to health care, was heard in the Health Care Regulation Policy Committee yesterday afternoon. The original bill as filed had one provision that established a 10-member Dental Health Access Task Force to make recommendations on the following Medicaid dental related issues: reimbursement; provider enrollment; maximization of dental funding by other states; claims processing; establishing temporary assistance to dental offices in the event of unexpected death of a provider; and creating a process to address patient behavior in dental offices. A strike-all amendment, filed by Rep. Hudson, removing the task force language from the bill was introduced and passed unanimously.

FHCA was supportive of this provision, and we’re not sure why it was removed. We will continue to watch the Senate companion bill, SB 702 sponsored by Sen. Don Gaetz (R-4), to see what happens.

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