Friday, June 16, 2017

FHCA Applauds Governor Scott for Signing Prospective Payment System into Law

Today, Governor Scott signed SB 2514 which includes a Prospective Payment System (PPS) for nursing center reimbursement. The PPS plan, approved by the 2017 Legislature and advocated for by Florida Health Care Association and its more than 550 nursing center members, improves the current, cost-based nursing center reimbursement system by increasing accountability and enhancing return on the state’s investment in nursing center care by ensuring that money is spent on direct care and quality improvements.
"Florida is a national leader in providing long term care services and supports to its senior population, and we appreciate Governor Scott for recognizing that a stronger reimbursement system is best for everyone involved. The Prospective Payment System will put the focus on quality care and quality of life for Florida's nursing center residents, and, for the first time in Florida's Medicaid history, will link nursing center reimbursement to quality outcomes. On behalf of the thousands of long term caregivers working in our member centers, we commend Governor Scott for supporting the PPS so they can achieve their goals of providing exceptional care and services to our state’s seniors and people with disabilities,” said Emmett Reed, FHCA Executive Director.