Tuesday, March 10, 2009

On the Agenda for Day 2, Week 2

During today's committee meetings, FHCA staff monitored several bills of interest to nursing home members, including the major Workers' Compensation bill, HB 903, which was discussed but retained by the House Insurance Committee. As such, it will have to be heard again if it is going to move.

Health care issues on the agenda today included HB 753, which urges Congress to continue funding of the Silver Alert program, HB 767, which allows for the combination of mental health services and substance abuse services at one time, and HB 109, which allows certain medical professionals to violate confidentiality if necessary for someone's safety.

FHCA will be tracking the progress of these bills throughout the legislative session, and as always, long term care providers can stay up-to-date on the Members Only Legislative Section of the FHCA Web site.

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