Thursday, August 28, 2014

Congressman Joe Garcia Focuses on Rehab Therapies and Patients

Patients Regain Physical Functionality, Return Home after Treatments

Congressman Joe Garcia today visited the Floridean Nursing Home, Miami’s oldest, family-owned and operated skilled nursing center that is now celebrating its 70th year. During a tour of the center, Congressman Garcia saw first-hand the high level of care provided to residents and patients, focusing in on those who are receiving rehabilitation therapies that will allow them to transition back to their homes or other community-based living arrangements.

Some 60 percent of Floridean’s residents – twice the national average – are able to successfully return to the community after undergoing therapy at the the 90-bed facility, which uses a “Team Rehab” approach to help most patients regain the physical capability to return home.

“Restorative therapies are so valuable in helping people regain their former lifestyles after a physical setback like a stroke or accident,” Congressman Garcia said while meeting with some of Floridean’s rehabilitation patients. “Our goal is always to help elders remain in their own homes; however, when care is needed, both the Miami-Dade community and all of Florida are fortunate to be home to some of the finest caregivers, as well as long term and post-acute care facilities in the nation.”

The Congressman was shown how Floridean Nursing Home, a 90-bed facility celebrating its 70th year in operation, uses a “Team Rehab” approach to helping patients regain their physical abilities enough to return home or, for the very aged, to maintain their physical conditioning sufficient to remain actively in their care.

Kelley Rice-Schild, Floridean’s executive director and granddaughter to Florence (Flori) Dean (for whom the center was named), described how the Team Rehab concept brings various health professionals, including multiple therapy specialists, together with caregivers to develop short- and long-term rehabilitation goals. “Residents and their families are valuable members of Team Rehab,” she said. “Patient involvement is the best way to reach a positive rehabilitation outcome.”

During Congressman Garcia’s visit, Rice-Schild described the center’s various primary therapy disciplines, and discussed patient characteristics and federal issues affecting rehabilitation therapy services.

This information is included as an attachment titled “Rehab Therapies: Patients have the Chance to Improve Quality of Life, Return Home.”