Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 3 Kick Off

Is it really only week three? This week will be one of FHCA's busiest, with more than 100 members from nursing homes across the state expected to descend upon the Capitol for our Lobby Wednesday. In addition to watching the budget-which is not looking good-there are two important regulatory bills which FHCA supports that will be addressed during the same committee meeting on Wednesday.

There has been lots of press surrounding SB 1562, sponsored by Senator Mike Bennett, which eliminates several duplicative surveys and procedures. The bill will be amended on Wednesday to fix several problems created during the bill drafting process. One of the most important issues in the bill for long term care providers is the removal of the administrative assessment by the Long Term Care Ombudsman. The elimination of the assessment does not, however, prevent the Ombudsman from continuing to do his or her most important job, which is to advocate for residents at any time needed.

Keep watching FHCA's legislative blog for updates during the week, and be sure to tell your friends to sign up to follow.

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