Thursday, April 28, 2011

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Urge Your Legislators to Reduce the Nursing Home Funding Cuts

Conferencing has begun on the budget and the House has taken a position of cutting nursing home Medicaid funding by 8.5% ($245 million). We need your immediate assistance with contacting key legislators in the budget decision-making process and asking them to reduce these nursing home funding cuts. Cuts of this magnitude would result in facilities losing $377,831 annually, or $15.78 per patient day. These cuts threaten the financial viability of our state's nursing homes and more importantly, resident quality care and vital caregiver jobs.

Please take action today:

Send an email to key legislators. You can use our Take Action link and email the message we've provided or write your own. Consider including the specific impact your facility will see from an 8.5% funding cut - click here for a detailed link with that information.

Forward the Take Action link to your staff and family members to help us increase their knowledge of the funding cuts at stake this session.

Post the alert on your Facebook page to perpetuate this message across your social media networks. We've made it simple -click here to post an update for your Facebook friends to see your call to action.

Tweet the message to your followers. You can click here and the message is ready for you to send.

Please take action today! Time is of the essence, as the budget will be finalized in the next few days. Thank you for helping us increase the number of voices speaking up for long term care.

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