Friday, April 22, 2011

Progress report on regulatory bills

HB 119 by Rep. Matt Hudson (R-101), which contains important nursing home deregulations, passed its last committee of reference and is now available for the House floor calendar. As one of the few health care bills moving this session, we are very watchful that it does not become a vehicle for last minute amendments. The companion bill, SB 1736 by Sen. Jack Latvala (R-16), will be heard in its last committee, Senate Budget, on Tuesday.

HB 311 by Rep. Ken Roberson (R-71) also passed its last committee Thursday and is available for the House floor. This good bill eliminates municipalities' ability to impose an occupational licensure tax on certain employees, including your CNAs, working within business entities already paying the tax. Be sure to watch this week's Provider Program video update to catch an interview with Rep. Roberson on this important issue.

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