Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Nursing Centers Have Much to Gain from Switching to a Prospective Payment System

By Greg Forbes
Signature HealthCARE of Orange Park

A prospective payment system encourages quality improvement in nursing centers across the state. This is vital because improvement should not be limited to specific centers – we should never assume a nursing center is the best it will ever be. We should all strive to offer better care than we do, whether it is through foundational improvement in staffing or through innovative quality improvement projects.

Either way, the money is doing more than just reimbursing for cost of services. It is incentivizing improvement and giving centers a way to address quality issues that might otherwise affect the care they deliver to their residents. Both lower and higher quality nursing centers have much to gain from switching to this plan, which means so do their residents.

That is why there is a consensus within the nursing center community in support of a switch to a prospective payment system, and we encourage legislators to support it as well.

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