Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Representative Janet Cruz Receives Prestigious “Champion for the Elderly” Award

Florida Health Care Association has awarded Representative Janet Cruz the organization’s Champion for the Elderly Award. The award was presented at FHCA’s annual conference in Orlando in recognition of the legislator’s dedication in the 2014 legislative session to policy issues regarding long-term care providers and the elderly.

During the session, Representative Cruz displayed strong leadership and oversaw budget issues that will help shape the future of elder care in Florida. Supporting crucial pieces of legislation, Representative Cruz helped advance issues regarding the nursing home budget that will positively impact long term care in Florida for years to come.  

“Our champions advocate for people who truly need it, those who rely on such thoughtful leaders to speak on their behalf,” said Emmett Reed, FHCA Executive Director. “We are proud to recognize these legislators for the passion they showed during the 2014 session. Their dedication to quality elder care and contributions to continuous improvement are truly outstanding.”

Each year, the Champion for the Elderly Award recognizes those legislators who have championed long-term care issues or used their leadership in the Legislature to stand up for these needy Floridians; who support adequate funding for both nursing home resident quality care and valuable caregiver jobs; who displayed courage on tough issues; and who championed legislation that ensures a fair and balanced regulatory system for long term care.

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