Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nursing Home Litigation Reform (SB 670) Passes Out of Senate

“Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) applauds members of the Florida Senate for their vote to pass SB 670, historic legislation that will improve Florida’s justice system by introducing realistic limits to lawsuits against nursing homes," said Emmett Reed, FHCA Executive Director. "This bill, sponsored by Sen. John Thrasher, is vital to restoring common sense to our justice system while serving the interests of those Florida citizens living in long-term care facilities."

"This legislation is the result of careful planning and a comprehensive analysis of the legal environment in Florida, and we are confident it will enhance the care received by Florida’s senior citizens. These changes will ensure that nursing home residents are able to pursue lawsuits against those directly at fault for negative events, while preventing unreasonable claims against passive investors who have no role in daily care decisions."

“Nursing homes are accountable to the people they serve, and this legislation protects Florida’s senior citizens living in long-term care facilities and nursing homes," Reed continued. "We are indebted to Sen. Thrasher for his insightful leadership in forging a compromise that addresses the greatest concerns of all parties involved."

“The well-being of long-term care facility residents has been, and will always remain, at the forefront of care decisions. Florida’s many excellent facilities are reassured that they can continue their tireless pursuit of the best possible care for their residents, without the constant threat of excessive lawsuits that exploit the justice system. We encourage the House to follow the Senate’s lead and send this legislation to Governor quickly.”

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