Wednesday, October 9, 2013

FHCA supports move toward meaningful ALF reform

On Tuesday, the Senate Children, Families and Elder Affairs Committee met and advanced SB 7000, the proposed committee bill that addresses assisted living facility reforms. Peggy Rigsby of FHCA testified in support of the bill, noting that passing meaningful ALF reforms is one of FHCA’s 2014 legislative priorities. As we’ve been reporting, FHCA staff and members have held numerous meetings with Sen. Eleanor Sobel (D-33) and other legislators to discuss this issue.

Progress could already be seen by way of the shift in committee member discussions, as several legislators appeared to have a better understanding of distinction between nursing homes and ALFs and want a solution to holding unlicensed facilities accountable so they don’t tarnish the image of the entire long term care sector. It was clear lawmakers are looking to pass some form of ALF legislation this year, and FHCA will be taking the lead on this issue to ensure the rules are clarified and do not impose additional, burdensome regulations on licensed ALFs committed to delivering high-quality care.

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