Monday, March 4, 2013

Take Action Today - Important Bill Vote on Wednesday

On Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Children, Families and Elder Affairs will hear SB 794 by Sen. Jeff Brandes. We need your help with with contacting your legislator and asking them to support the passage of SB 794, which will give seniors an alternative means for paying for long term care services while offering savings for Florida's Medicaid program and taxpayers.

Click here to access our Take Action Alert, scroll down to enter your zip code to find your legislator and send them this important message.

SB 794 allows seniors to use the value of their life insurance policies to pay for much needed long term care services - giving them the option to receive care at home for a longer period of time or cover their nursing home care costs if that type of medical care is more appropriate. This option could help between 2,645 and 2,879 seniors with covering their long term health care needs each year, saving the state and taxpayers between $79 and $93.1 million.

For more information, review the brief, "Alternative Funding Resources for Nursing Home Care.”

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