Tuesday, January 24, 2012

House Releases Initial Budget

Today, the House released its initial proposed budget, which contains a 2.5 percent cut to nursing home Medicaid reimbursement rates ($76.1 million). The proposal fully funds price level increases (inflationary increases) and transfers funding for nursing home case load growth to home and community-based programs (no negative impact to nursing home rates). The initial documents released today do not indicate changes in the amounts to be collected via the Nursing Home Quality Assessment Program; however, it is anticipated that the program will be fully maximized at the 6 percent statutory level. The budget uses the transferred case load funds to provide for an additional 1,000 Nursing Home Diversion slots, an additional 207 Assisted Living Medicaid Waiver slots, 1,250 Aged and Disabled Adult Medicaid Waiver slots, and 150 new PACE slots for Lee and Collier counties. The proposed budget also reduces the Nursing Home Diversion rates by 4 percent and uses those savings to fund an additional 1,415 Diversion slots.

The Senate is expected to release their proposal later this week, and FHCA will have more information when that becomes available.

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