Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Newest Ad in “Care Not Cuts” Informational Campaign highlights skilled nursing facilities post-acute care focus

FHCA's national affiliate, American Health Care Association, launched the latest TV spot in its nationwide information "Care Not Cuts" ad campaign to increase awareness regarding skilled nursing facilities’ growing prominence in post-acute care and warn against additional cuts to the sector.

“We must shed current perceptions that nursing homes are only for those who need long term care. Skilled nursing facilities are also a place where people can rehabilitate and receive necessary treatment before returning home,” said Governor Mark Parkinson, President & CEO of AHCA. “Congress must especially be aware of this progression of care because additional cuts to skilled nursing facilities would only drive up health care and taxpayers costs. Restricting access to skilled nursing facilities will force more seniors to remain in the hospital for longer, pricier periods of time, or go home before they’re fully recovered; eventually sending them back to the expensive emergency room.”

Airing throughout the Washington, DC, Beltway beginning today, “Rehab” was filmed at Southlake Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Jacksonville and features a senior who, after being in the hospital, received his post-acute care from a nursing home and then returned home. To learn more about the "Care Not Cuts" campaign, visit the website at http://www.carenotcuts.org/.

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