Friday, May 28, 2010

Action needed now to ensure FMAP & RUG IV fix are included in “extender package”

The future of the “extenders package” with a six-month extension of enhanced FMAP funds and elimination of the delay in RUG IV implementation is uncertain at this time. FHCA needs you to weigh in with House leadership and the House Blue Dogs (including FL Congressman Allen Boyd) to apply the pressure needed to ensure inclusion of these key provisions in a final package.

Congressional sources and the media are widely reporting that because of concerns over the cost of the extenders package which contains a limited “Doc fix,” the current version of the legislation has eliminated the FMAP extension. It is unclear whether the elimination of the RUG IV delay is included.

The inclusion of an FMAP extension is critical to helping Florida nursing homes avert significant Medicaid funding cuts, so please take a few moments TODAY to click on our Legislative Action Center and contact your members of Congress – especially leadership and Blue Dogs – and reinforce the need to include the six-month FMAP extension through June 30, 2011 and RUG IV October 2010 implementation in any final extenders package.

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