Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arbitration bill withdrawn

On Tuesday, the Senate Health Regulation Committee was expected to hear SB 2034, which would effectively end the use and enforcement of pre-dispute arbitration agreements in health care settings by allowing the agreement to be rescinded at any time. Members of FHCA's Management Committee, staff and lobby team met with the bill sponsor, Senator Steve Wise, to discuss the importance of arbitration clauses in long term care settings, which ensure that scarce health care resources go toward improving resident care rather than become diverted to pay the escalating costs associated with lawsuits. At the same time, FHCA members across Florida were contacting their legislators to share this same message.

FHCA is grateful to Senator Wise, who during yesterday's committee meeting withdrew the bill. He has agreed to work with FHCA and other health care groups in the coming months to develop model arbitration agreements providers can use.

This is another example of how the Association's collective efforts to educate lawmakers about the important work you do in caring for your residents is so valuable to the legislative process.

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