Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Holiday Break

The halls of the Capitol are quiet today as House and Senate members left Tallahassee late yesterday for the Easter and Passover holidays. Many were concerned about possible flooding along I-10, however that did not stop lengthy budget meetings that went late into the evening.

In the end, budget bills were positioned for a floor debate next week. Next week is back to "business as usual," as policy committees will meet to move several important regulatory bills. Included is HB 651 by Rep. Matt Hudson (R-101), and the companion, SB 2286 by Senator Andy Gardiner (R-9), which are the deregulation bills put forth by the Agency for Health Care Administration. In addition, FHCA staff and lobbyists continue to work on other priorities of the Legislative Committee, including reimbursement, resident voting, ombudsman issues, duplicative inspections and reports and guardianship fees.

FHCA's last Lobby Wednesday will be on April 15th, and a large crowd is expected. Participation at these events has far exceeded last year's numbers, and FHCA appreciates everyone who takes the time to come to Tallahassee and help advocate for our critical long term care issues.

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